Monday, February 18, 2013

A successful day

Yesterday worked. It just flowed and felt really good. I finally got to sleep in which definitely helped my mood. We then decided to go out to Whistlers Chocolate Factory with the kids. Not only did the kid love looking at all of the different chocolates they had a really nice play area too. So after the kids ate their little treat we went out for a play. Something I have been enjoying lately is seeing Miss L being able to join in. She is being more adventurous and loves to do what the big kids do. J and I were playing football while Miss A and L were in the sand pit. It was such a nice feeling.
Miss A wanted to play with the "big girls" so she asked me to take her over to them and ask if she can join in. Even though she is very social the initial interaction is hard for her. So she was making sand castles and Miss L floated around...trying to eat rocks and chalk.
It felt nice, it felt....normal. The only word I can think of.
I felt like every other family there. Like we fit in. With special needs children it is rare and for me it has been a few years of feeling like this.
When Miss A had enough of playing sand a little girl came along and stepped on her sand castle. Well that was it. Meltdown time. Right there in the sandpit. The good thing was it wasn't too major and I managed to settle her down and go inside for an icecream. If you catch her early enough you can minimise how upset she gets.
We went inside to have something to eat and the big kids went back to playing. Miss L sat with us in a highchair watching and sharing our food. That feels great. First that she sits in a highchair and second that she wants to join in and eat. It felt like we had never had feeding issues. She was eating bread, chicken and salad. Then when we had finished there was a little bit of relish left in a bowl. So to keep her busy I gave her the spoon and showed her how to dip it in and then put it in her mouth. At first she swapped from the spoon to her finger but then she got it!
Dip the spoon in then lift straight to the mouth! She had started feeding herself with a spoon with no guidance and no therapy.
Mummy was blown away!

                              Taken from the video- Daddy managed to capture her proud moment.

So if I thought yesterday was successful then today topped it off. We started off with meltdowns galore. Miss A took her school uniform off, changed shoes to sandals and literally asked me to tie her hair up 6 times. For a girl that hates me touching her hair it was a change. We get to school and she undoes the hair, refuses her uniform and won't walk. So I pick her up on one hip and L on the other while watching J in traffic. Miss A is wearing her "skins" so she is sliding off me! At this point I'm thinking I should ring the school and ask for help.
We finally get J to his class when I again have to pick up A and carry her to kindy. Well I thought that wasn't the best start to the day but it got better.
Centrelink rang and told me that the Carers Adjustment Payment for Miss L came through. Remember that life saving payment that we got last year? Happy days!
Then we got pre approval for our new family car.
Then I spent the morning filling in forms and getting insurance quotes.
Just to get a carer in the house for Miss A I had to change home insurers to cover public liability.
Then Miss L helped me hang out the washing and I watched her show off her climbing. She went up and down on the climbing frame and enjoyed being out with me.
These little things really help me relax and see the positives. To see a future where we all fit in and feel "normal".

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