Monday, October 26, 2015

Podiatrist Miss L

Over the past few months I have had so much to blog about and so little time. So here are some of the highlights:

We saw a podiatrist for Miss L 2 weeks ago. Her rheumotologist Dr Murray recommended Leah Cairns due to her understanding hypermobility. It was an interesting appointment as she had a different opinion on what L needed for support. We were using a custom made orthotic and Piedro boots for support and to help her arch. Leah said Miss L's problems were across the whole foot not the just the arch. Her ankles roll in and across the 3 foot joints they have too much movement. We had a discussion about the huge amount of movement in her foot which of course I thought was normal. It seems very likely according to Dr Murray that I have EDS too not just hypermobility. Watching how much my foot rotates I can understand why I thought L's walking style was fine. Leah recommended a shorter orthotic and a sneaker to keep her foot confined. We have a review this week to see how the walking has gone.

It was interesting getting another specialists point of view as this journey has taught me it's unlikely 2 specialists will ever agree on anything!

We were then recommended several different sneaker styles and brands with the top being a full leather Ascent brand. It was the least flexible in the sole to prevent twisting and movement and protected the top arch of her foot too.

We have had many issues with L wearing shoes for sensory reasons so they only last a few hours a day but its better than nothing.

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